PM Wani Online Registration Process, Guidelines, and Framework

PM Wani Online Registration [Apply Online] Process, Guidelines, and Framework: The Union Cabinet of India approved a Policy for the proliferation of public Wi-Fi hotspots in India via PM WANI Yojana means Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface. The program seeks to improve the country’s wireless internet access.

In this article, you will learn how to register for PM Wani Yojna, what is PM Wani? its framework, registration guidelines, and also its features and benefits. If you want to learn about PM Wani, please read this article till the end.

PM WANI Main Highlights

  • GOI approved PM Wani Scheme for the Proliferation of Broadband services in the country
  • More than one crore Public Wifi Hotspot will be installed in this scheme
  • No registration, No License, and No fee required for Public Data Offices
  • Public Wi-Fi will be installed at CSCs, Small Shops, and small offices
  • People in a rural area will also enjoy high-speed internet at low costs
  • PDOAs and App Providers require PM WANI Online Registration

What is PM Wani?

On 9th December 2020, Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister, Government of India announced PM WANI Yojna for the people of India. Under this scheme, Wi-Fi Access Points will be installed in public places.

The Government plans to provide internet through Public Data Offices (PDOs) which can be a small shopkeeper, Common Service Centre (CSC), or any small office. The scheme aims not only to boost the local business but also help people in easy living.

PM Wani’s full form is Prime Minister Wifi Access Network Interface. Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi said in a tweet that it will allow our small shopkeepers to provide Wi-Fi internet. It will not only boost income but also our young people will get smooth internet access. It also going to improve our “Digital India Mission”.

PM Wani Yojna Framework

The government aims to open more than one crore Public Wi-Fi hotspots at public places all over India. For these Wi-Fi access points, internet bandwidth would be procured from various Internet service providers to fulfill the backhaul criteria. The PM Wani System will work as under:

Public Data Offices (PDOs)

Public Data Offices (PDOs) can be set up at any small shops, common service centers (CSCs), or small offices. PDO will agreement with PDOAs to set up WANI Access Points. There will be no license, no registration, or no fees required to set up PDOs.

Only WANI-compliant Wi-Fi Access Points can be used by the PDOs to deliver broadband services to the subscribers. PDOs can opt for Internet services from any ISP (Internet Service Provider) like Airtel, Vodafone Idea, Jio, or any other and can be delivered the internet to the public.

Public Data Office Aggregators(PDOAs)

Public Data Office Aggregators (PDOAs) will be aggregators of PDOs. They will authorize and maintain the accounting of PDOs. PDOAs are required to register on the government website and their approval will be received within 7 days. No fee will be charged by the PDOAs for registration. PDOA should be any company Registered under the Companies Act, 2013.

App Providers

App Providers will develop and distribute an app that is required for the registration of users. The App Providers will also discover PM WANI compliant wifi hotspots nearby and also display these hotspots in the app to access the internet.

App Providers are also required to register themselves and their approval will also come within 7 days. App Providers should be any company registered under the Companies Act, 2013. However, FDI guidelines for the telecommunication sector will apply to App Providers.

Central Registry

The Centre for Development of Telematics will maintain Central Registry. The records of App Providers, PDOs, and PDOAs will be maintained by Central Registry.

PM Wani Yojana Brief Details

Name of the SchemePrime Minister Wifi Access Network Interface (PM WANI)
Scheme Announcement Date09.12.2020
The objective of the SchemeTo provide high-speed internet to the people of India
Will the Internet free or paid?                                               The users have to pay for the internet. The users will have to opt for any internet pack to access internet services
Benefits of the schemePeople will access the high-speed internet at low rates even in the rural areas where network connectivity is not so good
Official Website for PM WANI Online Registration
PM Wani Online Registration Process

You can also watch the following video to know about PM WANI Yojana:

PM WANI Online Registration [Apply Online]

The applicants who want to register as PDOAs/App Providers/Central Registry can download the official notification and guidelines by click here. After carefully reading all the guidelines, the applicants can apply as PDOAs and App Providers at After registration, the approval will be received within seven days. However, if the approval will not receive within seven days, the applicant will deem to be approved.

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How PM WANI Yojana will work?

The working of PM Wani can be accessed by the following flow chart:

Step 1: A user will install the app on his/her mobile phone which will be available at Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Government website. 

Step 2: The user will log in to the App by creating a User ID through OTP to be sent by App Provider.

Step 3: Thereafter the App will display the nearby available WANI compliant Wi-Fi Access Points.

Step 4: The user will select an Access Point to use the Internet.

Step 5: The selected Wi-Fi Access Point will send a request to the Captive Portal of PDOA for Authorization. 

Step 6: The user will be authenticated by the Captive Portal with the help of the App Provider’s backend infrastructure.

Step 7: A signed user profile token will return by the App Provider to the PDOA. 

Step 8: The PDOA will display the list of available data packs. The new user will select an available pack and the PDOA will forward his request to the payment gateway for payment.

Step 9: After successful payment, the PDOA will activate the tariff plan of the user and also register the user as a subscriber. 

Step 10: Now the user will use the internet. 

For existing users, the PDOA will check the account balance of the user, and if any data pack available in the user account, he/she will access the internet using existing data packs. 

Benefits of PM Wani Yojna

In PM Wani Yojna, a high-speed internet facility will be provided in the country at all the public places through WANI compliant Access Points. The people residing in rural areas will also enjoy continuous internet connectivity. 

Small shopkeepers, CSCs, or small offices will convert into Wi-Fi Access Points and they will be known as Public Data Offices (PDOs). No Registration, No License, and No fee required to be PDO. 

PDOAs and App Providers are required to register on the government website. With the PM Wani scheme, the employment opportunity will be increased.

The income of business and skill workers will be increased. The internet will be provided at very low rates by the PDOAs.

Functions of PDO, PDOA and App Providers

The following functions are the functions of each entity under PM WANI Yojana:


PDO will set up, preserve, and operate Public Wi-Fi hotspots by using only WANI-compliant wifi access points. PDO opt for Internet services from any ISP (Internet Service Provider) for connecting wifi Access Points

PDO can set up multiple Access Points. PDO will have a commercial agreement with an Internet Service Provider for internet services and with PDOA for authorization, aggregation, and accounting services. 


PDOA should be a company registered under the Companies Act, 2013. PDOA will register at the government website using its public certificate for the validation of signatures. The approval of PDOA will receive within 7 days or the PDOA will deem to be approved after 7 days.

PDOA will aggregate Wi-Fi hotspots operated by PDOs and also authorize users, authenticated by the application provider.

PDOA will integrate the Captive Portal with Payment Service providers i.e. E-Wallets, Debit/Credit Cards, UPI payments and Online Banking, etc. for online transactions. PDOA will manage user accounts for data usage and also declare data plans for the subscribers.

App Providers

App Provider should be a company registered under the Companies Act, 2013. PDOA will register at the government website using its public certificate for the validation of signatures.

The approval of the App Provider will receive within 7 days or the App Provider will deem to be approved after 7 days. 

App Provider will develop an application and backend authorization infrastructure which will use by users for sign up, find WANI Access Points, and connect in a single click within the application. 

The Application will indicate users create their profile and verify their profile with OTP.

Will Internet Be Free on PM WANI Wi-Fi

A question that arises in the minds of all users is that in PM WANI Wifi, the Internet will be free or the user will have to spend money to access the Internet. The answer is “Yes”, the user must select a data plan to use the Internet on the PM WANI access points.


PM WANI Yojana announced by the government on 9th December 2020 and the Online Registration of PM WANI Yojana is not yet started. So if you want to register for this scheme, you have to wait for some time.

What do you think about this scheme? Is it beneficial for the people of India? Please let me know in the comment section. If you find this blog post helpful for you, please share it with your friends.  

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